Let’s Bark!

A collaboration between Théodora Kanelli & Lise Thiollier.

Let’s Bark! is an exhibition project and the launch of an art book, proposed by Théodora Kanelli and Lise Thiollier. In search of fragments, urban myths and secrets hidden in the foundations of the city, Let’s Bark is the result of a month-long exploration determined by a protocol, a game played in the historic city center of Athens : Dogs from different mythologies become guides, leading to different refuges in the city. Weaving links between the ancient myths of the city, following the dogs participates in the creation of new routes, a fictitious map that superimposes different layers and explores the accumulated memory. The dog is not a neutral partnership. It represents the sensory and intuitive nature of research: a “reconnection to animal instinct”. From the figure of the guardians of hidden and sacred places, to the psychopomp animal, guide of the soul to the kingdom of the beyond, passing by the helpers of the hunter, dogs have accompanied humans in myths and the epics.

Exhibition and book launch at Atelier W Pantin, France, 2023

Published by Keda Press

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