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Artworks made for the publication

Hydroexpress Project, an initiative by Marina Papadaki, is an art project with a research approach that generated by the need to understand family’s system and economic values, as also it is a chance to collaborate different individuals from different fields. From the institution of the family to the model of the Commons. Their regulatory framework and the role of the edifice.

The second part of the Hydroexpress Project will focus on the correlation between “The Commons” and the Greek family model, as far as their mechanisms used by the members to survive, coexist and support each other, are concerned. Hosted artists, writers and architects analyze and highlight the notion of “Community” through the three main axes that characterize the commons (goods, community, and their regulatory framework), which are reproduced in the traditional way of life of people who share the Greek mentality and culture.

  • Texts: Eva Vaslamatzi, Daphne Dragona, A Whale’s architects
  • Visuals: Theodora Kanelli, Artemis Papachristou

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