Animation of artistic and narrative workshop

A workshop for making masks from ears of corn for children aged 7-12 years, in collaboration with Mirsini Artakianou, which was organized as part of the 12-year cultural festival Routes in Marpissa (August 2022, in the traditional settlement of Marpissa Paro). Through this workshop, the children became the “reapers” themselves, ran through the ungathered wheats and poured out into the fields, like the Stachomazochtra of Papadiamantis, they tied the ears around their waists, an old custom to avoid the pain. In this way,  they created their own “dragon”, tying it with red thread, and setting up a dance around it. It was an one-day workshop, which had a ritual significance, inspired by the harvesters of old myths and related stories surrounding the harvest. Each child symbolically constructed their own “dragon” (costume or mask), utilizing their creative imagination through the game, using mainly ears of corn and red thread.

Organized by: Routes in Marpissa Festival

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