The artworks presented in this category are part of the project
Let’s Bark! Says the Dog: Follow, He Will Lead You to Your Refuge.

These four different notions – recharge, interaction, supply and production – were first imagined by Théodora Kanelli with the architect Elli Christaki in 2014, in response to an anti-conventional study of architecture and public space. The project reflects a system in which people activate or deactivate public and private spaces within the social realm of the city. Humans pass from one state to another, and need these four notions – which refer to both “material spaces” and “states of being” – in order to function.  

  • Recharge refers to a nesting place, in isolation. (bedroom, cinema)
  • Interaction is a kind of platform where unification takes place. (livingroom, playground)
  • Supply refers to the deactivation of objects, the “repository.” (storage space, library)
  • Production refers to a support system and a tool. (office, workshop)

This conceptual framework inspired the framework for the research Theodora conducted in Athens under the umbrella of the game. Theodora Kanelli conceived the game’s instructions to approach the city and research in a different way. This game was the inspiration for and the starting point of the project Let’s Bark! Says the Dog: Follow, He Will Lead You to Your Refuge, a collaboration between Théodora Kanelli and Lise Thiollier, where the notions become metaphysical tools for a quest into the unknown. The two artists question what a refuge/shelter could be. The shelter is there somewhere in the imagination or in the materiality of the world. Maybe it cannot ever exist as more than an assemblage of knowledge, as a construction of a labyrinth with its complicated and personal connections. 

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