Let’s bark says the dog

A collaboration between Théodora Kanelli & Lise Thiollier.

Four stray dogs. An urban labyrinth of myths and legends.

  • Cerberus, from Greek mythology,
  • Sirius, from ancient Egypt,
  • Calchona, Mapuche legend of Chile,
  • Constante, dog from the book Blindness by José Saramago, 

are used as guides to the various parts of the city of Athens (the networks of underground water reservoirs, the National Observatory, the city center market square, the botanical garden).

This art book is a multi-dimensional space, made up of various entangled writings. A visual and cryptic story. The book includes both texts and visuals (original legends, contributions by scholars and poets, and personal productions of the two artists.

Let’s Bark! exhibition at Atelier W Pantin, France, 2023

Published by Keda Press

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