10 islands’ atlas

  • Year 2018

The “Itinerary of a Hubris (ύβρις)” project is the continuation and culmination of the “Hero X’s Voyage at Sea” project. The back and forth between narrative and pictoriality led Theodora to set up an installation which was presented in the exhibition entitled “Itinerary of a Hubris” at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. She is interested in the ephemerality of fragile materials and collects various transparent supports, different types of plastics, plexiglass, tracing paper, fabrics and veils, with which she superimposes images and texts to finally create objects functioning as scattered clues, taken from the initial history of the game “Hero X’s Voyage at Sea,” such as the clock, roulette, or the great atlas. Both concrete and abstract, the whole finally takes the form of cartography of situations: the different spatialities merge and overlap in a structured montage. The expanded map of the game “unfolds,” to represent itself at 1:1 scale, recalling the map that Jorge Luis Borgès had imagined

“Which had the Format of the Empire and which coincided with it, point by point”

Jorge Luis Borgès
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